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Weekend of July 9-10: Some Happenings To Get You Off The Couch And Moving

Apart from open houses and chilling on the couch enjoying your holiday, we recommend these few activities for you.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Jul 7, 2016 | Culture


Lollapalooza 2.0. After clinching the Gold Award in the Chamber Choir Category at the second Voices of Asia International Choir Festival in 2014,the Malaysian-based choir Lollapalooza Singers present their third performance with music across the continents selected from two contrasting musical styles: beautiful sacred music and bubbly pop. Hit up their Facebook page for more info. 

Indiego & Co. Hari Raya Open House. After a month long of fasting, its time to throw on them dancing shoes as the indie stalwarts of the KL's nightlife brings you a night of dancing, good music and ketupat. Hit them up at weareindiego@gmail for guestlist and visit their Facebook page for more info. 

The First Eurythmy Performance in Malaysia. Enjoy a beautiful blend of live music, lyrical and dramatic poetry or else a spellbinding fairytale by the brothers Grimm this weekend as the unique Eurythmy performance brought to you by an international casts from the prestigious Eurythmy West Midlands in UK. The performance will see two shows, "Light in the Unknown" and "The Lady and the Lion" come to life this weekend so check this website out for more info and book your tickets here