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Weekend Of November 5-6: Some Happenings To Get You Off The Couch And Moving

A Japanese film showing, a nasi lemak festival, a Sudirman musical and more.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Nov 2, 2016 | Culture

The Weekend Japanese Film Showing

Fans of the Japanese manga series Shinya Shokudō or better known as Midnight Diner by Yarō Abe will enjoy this big screen adaption by director Joji Matsuoka. The warm drama showcases the little details and subtle depictions of everyday life in Japan via The Master, the guy running the snack bar who readily cooks anything to order albeit only having pork stew and drinks on his menu. As night passes, regulars overcome a variety of problems and share gossip while enjoying The Master’s meals. Watch the trailer here and head on here for more information.

I Eat Nasi Lemak

With over 40 nasi lemak sellers gathering under one roof for what could be the biggest nasi lemak fest, what more can we say other than bring it on! From famed  nasi lemak vendors such as Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir from Melaka, Nasi Lemak Habib from Batu Pahat (specialising in nasi lemak ‘sup tauhu’), Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut from Kulai and many more around Malaysia setting their stalls up this Saturday, it's really something you shouldn't miss. For more info, head on here

Making A Successful Career In Arts

We know, we know, weekends are for relaxing and fun but honestly, try sacrificing an hour or two to check this exhibition out where invited guest speakers such as Samantha Louise Hall, Ceiren Bell, Amanda Monfrooe and Jun Ong will talk about the career path of those leaning towards the creative feel. Breaking the long standing Asian stereotype that careers in art will not put food on the table, this might just be something for you to check out. For more info, head here

One Thousand Million Smiles

Known to many as the People's Singer, Sudirman brought Malaysians from all walks of life together and placed our nation on the world map after snagging the Best Performer Award at the Asian Music Awards. One Thousand Smiles is a musical tribute directed by Dato' Faridah Merican is set to bring his music back in a big way with influences of the extravagant musical shows in the '80s with singers backed by a 5-piece band and a full orchestra. Get ready for a toe-tapping showstopper as the cast performs his past his like ‘Balik Kampung’, ‘Hujan’, ‘Apa Khabar Orang Kampung’ and more. For more information. head here

Charlie Chaplin At The Symphony

Led by Grant Cooper, get ready for an evening of comedy and music as well as screenings of Chaplin movies via a 'live' ochestral accompaniment by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. First a classical concert goes horribly wrong when a clown shows up and wreaks havoc. In the second half, enjoy screenings of two Chaplin films, Easy Street & The Immigrant. Head on here for more. 

Pun Competition

Everyone loves puns. That is a fact. The hilarity of playing with words to suggest two or more meanings via the exploitation of the multiple meanings of words or of similar sounding words for intended humourous or rhetorical effect is sometimes just too good to pass off. Which is why #HavePunMalaysia's Pun Competition this Sunday will have your belly aching while you laugh as you enjoy some good food and beers! Head over here for more

Ride Your City 2016

Organised by Ride Your City and Pedal Malaya to celebrate all things cycling in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, Ride Your City 2016 will see special activities such as bike talks, bike movie screenings, workshops and many more. Cycling enthusiasts should definitely check this out and if you're not a two wheel kinda guy, perhaps Ride Your City might change your mind. Head over here for more