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US Ambassador Wants Probe Into Mass Graves

US may press Malaysia for probe into graves found along Thai border last year.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 16, 2016 | Culture


Remember the 139 graves that were found along our side of the Thai border that contained the bodies of human trafficking victims? The one that we flat out gave up uncovering because there were just too many?

At her Senate confirmation hearing, newly-appointed US ambassador to Malaysia, Kamala Lakhdhir said that the US would pressure Malaysia into a full probe. As opposed to the investigation we conducted ourselves, which led to some low level cops being questioned, and… so anyway, Lakhdhir spoke about US pressure in response to a question by Robert Menendez.

Name sound familiar? Menendez is the senator who tried to make it unlawful for the US to do trade with countries that had abysmal human trafficking records.

Yup, he meant us.

The middle of 2015 was a heady time. Barack Obama sought, and eventually got, approval for a bill that would give him powers to fast-track trade negotiations—specifically the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—without too much congressional meddling.

Menendez’s anti-slavery proviso was the “poison pill” in the fast-track bill, because it would effectively kick Malaysia out of TPP negotiations by their own measure of human trafficking—we were still sat in the lowest tier of the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) rankings at the time.

And lo—not long after the mass graves and the trafficking camps were uncovered at the border, and the stranded Rohingya were left to bob in the open sea—we got magically bumped up to Tier 2, making us fit again for TPP.

The bump up was said to be because Malaysia was taking positive measures to prevent the occurrence of human trafficking, including prosecuting those who are found to be complicit. Except for the minor detail of zero officials prosecuted over here, according to the State Department.

But despite the opposition of both prospective US presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, to the controversial trade deal, , the TPP will probably still go ahead, according to US Trade Ambassador Michael Froman.

Froman said that despite both candidates being lukewarm at best on the trade deal doesn’t matter, because Congress would likely not be too happy about creating “an opening to China,” especially since they look hell-bent on claiming this entire region as their own.

Happy Merdeka in advance.