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Two Malaysians Up For The Title Of Funniest Person In The World

Harith Iskander and Dr Jason Leong are competing with 89 competitors from 56 countries around the world for the title of Funniest Person in the World.

BY Editors | Sep 14, 2016 | Culture

Two of our most talented comedians are in the running to become the Funniest Person in the World organised by the famous American comedy club, Laugh Factory. The Malaysian comedy legend Harith Iskander and full-time doctor, Dr Jason Leong are neck to neck right now to represent Malaysia for the competition finals in Finland. 

With more than 80 comedians from over 50 countries around the world nominated for the title, only 20 will get the chance to be in Helsinki, Finland on Dec 3 and 4 for the finals. Apart from that, the winner will also stand a chance to win a grand prize of USD100,000 and a US stand up comedy tour. 

According to Laugh Factory, the competition is partly organised as a way to highlight how comedy and laughter can be a great way to bring people closer and succeeding where diplomacy and democracy have failed. 

"It is a universal language. This event highlights an alternative ambassador—the kind that bring diplomacy through a belly laugh," writes the website. 

At the time of writing, both Malaysians have the highest amount of votes compared to the other comedians with Harith chalking up 1,040,636 votes while Dr Jason comes in close with 906,445 votes. Head on over here to vote for Harith or here to vote for Dr Jason. 

Voting ends Oct 3.