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Top 8 Local Chinese New Year Commercials You Shouldn't Miss

Beware.. tears may be shed and giggles may ensue.

BY Sanjeeva Suresh | Feb 1, 2019 | Culture

Screenshot from Graph Studio’s CNY 2019 - Year Of You; Youtube/StevenBonesEverything

With the first day of Chinese New Year approaching next week, brands from across Malaysia have taken turns creating celebratory videos for the lead up to Tuesday. Some sentimental, others humorous, they each portray a message while bearing company’s name in mind. Here's a round up of our top eight videos you should give a watch:

1 | Graph Studio’s CNY 2019 - Year Of You 

We’re starting out strong with perhaps one of the most hilarious videos in this list. Graph Studio redefines the term “Year of the Pig” with emphasis on the word "pig". We hope no one gets triggered watching this!

2 | Petronas' CNY Greetings 2019 - HEART 

This commercial from Petronas will make you want to run home to mum. You may feel the urge to hug someone after this. 

3 | Panasonic's Lat Talilat Tali Tam Pom 

Never before has a Malaysian method for settling disputes turned into Korean music video until now. Cleaning has never been quite this sexy!

4 | RHB Group Chinese New Year 2019: Belief 

This commencial proves that you can do almost anything you set your mind to, just keep persisting.

5 | CIMB'S You-Sang, We-Sang  

CIMB brings us back to colonial Malaya to give us a theory on where the "true" origins of the Yee Sang tradition came from.

6 | Prudential's Word Count

Prudential will move you with this sentiment. This commercial proves that a father’s love for his daughter goes beyond words said at face value.

7 | Asadi CNY 2019 

Asadi Malaysia spreads one of the most powerful messages of this festive season–the ability to be thankful. This commercial reminds us to not take our family for granted and remain humble no matter how big our aspirations may be.

8 | Samsung's What's wrong with Ma-ma?

Featuring a cameo from local celebrities Jinnyboy and Reuben Kang, Samsung takes an interesting play on the generation gap when it comes to technology. The display of these annoyingly relatable situtaions is as authetic as it is loveable.