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4 Events To Get You Off the Couch And Moving

This weekend, head to a batik exhibition, a music showcase, DPAC and a food fair.

BY nawaf rahman | Mar 17, 2016 | Culture

Chuah Thean Teng/Ilham

Gigfairy Live. Talent showcase platform Gigfairy will host Gigfairy Live in collaboration with Brickfields Asia College. Concertgoers will enjoy a 5-hour show featuring established local acts like SonaOne, Joe Flizzow, Paperplane Pursuit, as well as fresh talents Def Jam, Fazz and Tasha Aleia—promising an evening filled with awesome music.

Batik Exhibition at ILHAM. Featuring over 70 works, the exhibition “Love Me In My Batik” tells how batik has been embraced and reinvented beginning from back in the 50’s till present day. Check out the exquisite beauty of this national treasure at ILHAM Gallery from February 28th until June 20th.

Sama Sama Food Fair. Skip breakfast and save plenty of room for a plethora of Asian cuisines—Melanau, Peranakan, Thai, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Indonesia—all in what promises to be an epic food bazaar to rival all food bazaars. Also, there will be dancing, cultural performances, and crafts and cooking workshops.

“Home” at DPac. What if you are a great debater and high-achieving law student with a bright future ahead of him, but your love of home holds you back from broadening your horizons abroad? This is the burning question that ‘Syafiq’, a promising student will have to answer in Teater Home, a show by Anomalist Production. Follow his story at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) happening this weekend from March 18-20.