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In Singapore, Cat Vigilantes Are Keeping Streets Safe For Felines

Cat guardians roam the streets of Singapore to protect stray cats from a feline murderer.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 14, 2016 | Culture


Late last year, a spate of cat killings were reported in Yishun, Singapore, with up to 39 strays being drowned, having their limbs broken, and even their eyes gouged out—preceding the just-as-gruesome Croydon cat killings by a few months.

Authorities have only confirmed two of the cat deaths in Yishun as being deliberate acts of violence. Although two people have been arrested for cat-related crimes in the district—with one throwing a cat from the 13th floor of an apartment block—the people of Yishun are wary that some psychopathic Ripper may still on the loose.

Enter the cat guardian network, a team of concerned citizens who roam the streets of Yishun in the wee hours to help keep stray cats safe.

The cat vigilante unit was first set up at the behest of noted animal activist and MP for Yishun, Louis Ng, who initially hinted that authorities were not doing enough to trap the cat killer.

Since then, the volunteers have not ceased their patrols—which sometimes last until 4 am in the morning, despite most having day jobs—for fear that the killings may start again.

They aren’t thirsting for Batman-style vigilante justice, however. The cat guardians only walk around the district with their mobile phones, and alert the rest of the network if any of the known strays in the area are suspected missing.

Despite lowered work productivity and strained relationships being an inevitable result of the nightly patrols, it’s hard to argue with results. Since the cat guardians began their patrols, the killings appear to have stopped.

And hopefully for good—if movies have taught us anything, it’s that this is how the Jeffrey Dahmers and David Berkowitzes of this world get their start in the business.