Man at His Best

The March 2016 Issue

Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Atikah Karim, Sonny San and Derek Zoolander.

BY editors | Feb 29, 2016 | Culture

It’s clear that we too are hit by Oscars fever. By the time this issue hits newsstands, it’ll be revealed if Leo (finally) wins an Oscar for his portrayal of frontiersman Hugh Glass in the Revenant. Regardless of the results on Oscar night (Feb 28), he’s still one of our favourite leading men on celluloid, and we celebrate him with our March cover, along with other great content in the issue. Enjoy.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While DiCaprio might be surrounded by supermodels, yachts, fame and money, we look at how tough this man really is.
By Adam Smith

Sonny San

On familiarity, fashion and a clean diet.
Interviewed by Shermian Lim

Derek Zoolander
On himself, modelling and more modelling.

Male order

Poised to take over the world, we delve into the world of internet shopping and look into the rise of menswear on the internet.
By Shaun Phillips

In their own style
Five style icons that not just left marks in rock ‘n’ roll history but carved a legacy in the fashion world as well.
By Peter Doggett

Apostle of hustle
Potty-mouthed and poised for great things, Atikah Karim takes on New York and
the world.
By Paolo Delfino

How global appropriation of Irish pubs is changing the way pubs work in Ireland itself.
By Sam McLean

Into the heart of Europe
Switzerland, more than just milk chocolate and cheese.
By Sim Wie Boon

How to create a pompadour—the big ones—the overly specific explanation of wind proofing—how craft are you.

The Collections.
Derek Zoolander and the S/S16 pieces you need.

That ‘70s feeling
Throwback to a much moodier and classy time.

Esquire 10: Catch of the day
Hitting up the supermarket aisles in style.

What you’ll be needing to keep your fit game for 2016 strong; an interview with Bally’s Pablo Coppola; some sneakers and loose pants; new gears to look forward to; a pair of comfy headphones; essentials for you gym locker; Chanel’s new shaving range; a wine guide for the rest of the year; and Travel Last Resort at QT Sydney.

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