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The 10 Worst Things To Name Your Kid This Year

It might sound like a cool idea to "be different", but at least give them a fighting chance.​​

BY sarah sense | Apr 4, 2016 | Culture

Every year, the Social Security Administration publishes a list of baby names that have decreased in popularity from the previous year. Basically, it's a "Don't Name Your Kid This If You Don't Want Them To Be a Loser" cheat sheet. The list includes these 10 baby name stunners. Please, steer clear.


Baby Miley won't twerk, and she won't experiment with drugs. All the kids at school will disregard her.


By the time Baby Britney reaches middle school, her obvious namesake will be something of a '00s relic. Actually, Baby Britney is going to be just fine.


Unfortunately, the world only has room for one non-douchebag Channing, and he already exists. Baby Channing will be the worst.


Baby Karly is the sad consequence of a wanna-be Kardashian's krazy night out. She will be raised on Bravo and high-running tensions, and she will be hopelessly neurotic.


Baby Lamar won't ever step foot in Vegas.