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Saddamís Novella To Be Published In English

English translation of Saddam Husseinís fiction is like Game of Thrones, apparently.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 12, 2016 | Culture

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There’s your Christmas shopping done.

This December, Saddam Hussein’s final novella will be translated into English to mark the 10th anniversary of his execution.

The novella has been published in other languages, with titles like Devil’s Dance, Begone, Devils, and Get Out, You Damned One, according to The Guardian.

The novella was smuggled out of Iraq by Saddam’s daughter, Raghad. She managed to get it published in Jordan in 2005, but it was quickly banned in the country. It was later picked up by Japanese publisher Tokuma Shoten and released under the title Devil’s Dance.

Written in the lead-up to the Iraq War, the novella is about a tribe of people living near the Euphrates fighting back against an invading force—but presumably with a happier ending than hundreds of thousands dead and a country plunged into chaos.

The publishers, Hesperus, have described the novella as “a mix between Game of Thrones and the UK House of Cards-style fiction,” so maybe it does have everyone dying. Hesperus haven’t announced the title of the book, but surely A Dance with Devils has a nice ring to it.

Saddam has published before, but under the completely un-megalomaniacal nom de plume ‘The Author’. He put out three novels before this, Zabibah and the King (2000), The Fortified Castle (2001), and Men and the City (2002), all of which relate in some way to the great White Walkers at the gate, the US.