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Real Datuk’s Fake Convoy Busted

Outriders in illegal motorcade arrested, but Datuk is spared.

BY Rogan Josh | May 23, 2016 | Culture


What’s the point of getting to be a Bentley-owning Datuk Seri in Malaysia if you have to sit in traffic with the rest of us? One unnamed Datuk decided that he was too important to be allowed to travel unaccompanied through the muck, and thatched together his own motorcade.

Only thing is, motorcades in Malaysia are only permitted for government-registered vehicles, at least on paper.

The Datuk Seri’s motorcade—a Proton Inspira and a BMW retrofitted with sirens and revolving lights accompanying his Bentley—were doing the noble duty of cops and blaring and flashing cars out of the way on the Connaught Highway, before they were spotted by actual cops.

Cops ran the plates, and upon realising that the vehicles weren’t registered, chased the convoy down. The drivers of each of the three cars were arrested, with one of them even carrying an unlicensed Beretta and 10 bullets on his waistband. Probably just in case the sirens weren’t enough to clear traffic.

The three men will be investigated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for masquerading as civil servants. The wife of one of the drivers, as well as the good Datuk Seri himself and two other businessmen, were not arrested.

Not that the effort isn’t understandable, mind. A recent survey found that Malaysians spend more time in traffic this year than they did in 2015, with more than a fifth of respondents stating that their commute was the worst part of their day.