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Kulup Vs Pokémon

Abdul Rani Kulup lodges police report against Pokémon Go.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 28, 2016 | Culture


If you’ve spent the best part of the last two years wondering whether Abdul Rani ‘Kipidap’ Kulup is in on the joke, keep wondering.

The ayahanda better known as the "king of police reports" is back again in the police report lodging business after a brief hiatus, and this time, it's against Pokémon Go. It was inevitable that the Kulup would latch on to the mobile gaming phenomenon like a fly to a pile of shit, so the only surprise here is why it took so long.

Kulup brought along his loyal band of followers, including the brother of Jamie from Mythbusters, to his favourite Dang Wangi police station to lodge a report against the game, on the basis that it would be “detrimental to children’s development as their minds would be filled with cartoons.”

To add a paper thin veneer of legitimacy to the meme machine, they brought along Amir Amsaa Allapitchay, president of Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia, to say that Pokémon Go would encourage kids to become polytheistic. 

Kulup also added, “In the end, everyone will become cartoons in Malaysia.” Which is a sentence that makes absolute sense in a universe where a M Bison lookalike was anointed a datukship by a fake sultan while wielding a two-headed dragon pimp stick and getting a book deal by making pre-emptive police reports against things.

Don’t forget: there is a great big orange precedent of laughing along with the joke until it stops being funny