Man at His Best

ISIS Selling Sex Slaves Online

Terrorists appear to be selling women on Facebook.

BY Jason S Ganesan | May 30, 2016 | Culture

Todor Tsvetkov/iStock

To truly appreciate a ‘Man at His Best’, we must sometimes examine a man at his absolute worst.

Just when it appears that there are no more depths of ISIS-related depravity to plumb, The Washington Post obliges with a story on how the organisation appears to be selling sex slaves—women captured from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq—on Facebook. 

A May 20 posting from German ISIS fighter Abu Assad Almani shows a picture of a young woman with the caption: “To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is USD8,000.” Almani followed that up with a picture of another young woman, this time stating: “Another sabiyah [slave], also about USD8,000. Yay, or nay?”

Some commenters on Almani’s post then coldly discussed the USD8,000 price tag, with others mocking the women’s looks, and others berating Almani—who apparently solicits donations for ISIS on his account—for selling women who weren’t veiled.

The Post reports terrorism experts and human rights groups as claiming that this sale is not an isolated incident. The apocalyptic death cult are turning more and more towards the sale of enslaved women, to make up shortages in food and medicine supplies depleted by military strikes.

According to Skye Wheeler from Human Rights Watch, among thousands of the Yazidi women and girls who remain enslaved by ISIS are either forced to convert to Islam and married to fighters, or are sold to the public at slave markets—sometimes to multiple people.

But with desperation, sales are also moving to social media. These sales are accompanied by guidelines on how to treat a purchased slave, including sexual relations with minors and the administering of beatings.

The full report from Human Rights Watch on their interviews with women and girls who managed to escape ISIS hell can be found here.