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Fake Navy Officer Caught With Fake Grenade Launcher

Salesman dressed as naval officer caught with fake arsenal after car chase.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 6, 2016 | Culture


A 41-year-old military fanboy took cosplay to a whole new level of derangement when he was caught after a 2 km-long police car chase with a whole stash of fake guns.

Cops found in his van a grenade launcher, machine guns, shotguns, and a bullet-proof vest. He was also dressed as a naval officer, despite being a salesman.

The salesman—whose application to join the army years ago was rejected—had done exactly the same thing four years ago, and was even jailed for six months for trying to enter the shooting range of the Terendak army camp.

Presumably heading back to Terendak, police tried to flag down his van for speeding, but he refused to stop. Attempting to go out guns blazing, he then led cops on a car chase before he was finally stopped.

The salesman then identified himself as a naval officer—even producing fake navy ID—and wondered what the fuss was. But cops didn’t buy his story, and eventually stumbled upon his impressive stash of fake guns.

Cops later said that he obtained he had the fake weapons shipped from Hong Kong, and bought the fake uniform and ID in Masjid, India.

Amazingly, it was only after his first arrest in 2012 that his wife and in-laws found out that the salesman wasn’t actually a naval officer.