Man at His Best

This Diver Touched A Great White Shark Because He Apparently Doesn't Need That Hand

And he lived to tell the tale.

BY SARAH RENSE | Jan 27, 2016 | Culture

Photograph from Facebook

Reasons to touch a great white shark: A.) You're insane or B.) It's dead and suspended from the Natural History Museum's ceiling on cables and a 9-year-old in an Avengers T-shirt dared you to do it.

There are no other reasons to touch a great white shark. But three divers in Mexican waters decided it was their day to tempt fate—and Mother Nature, and the food chain's rigid hierarchy—luring a great white to their diving cage so one could bop it on the nose.

This photo, posted on Facebook, survives as a tribute to their insanity. The divers survived, too. Probably.

First published in Esquire US.