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Cop Steals Cops’ Cars

Two police officers' cars stolen. From Bukit Aman.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Oct 12, 2016 | Culture

Wikipedia Commons

A while ago, perception of crime seemed to become more important than actual crime. Regardless of whether measuring and addressing crime perception is a worthwhile use of public resources, that perception is inexorably linked to the public perception of our guys and girls in blue.

Which must be at a record low, since PDRM actually had to come out and say that the man who kicked a Bersih convoy participant—from the back, in a crowd, because that’s what real men do—wasn’t one of theirs. A public servant, which is still distressing, but at very least not a cop.

This won’t help: according to The Sun, a rogue cop stole a Volskwagen Vento and a Proton Saga belonging to two senior cops… from the parking lot of Bukit Aman.

The two senior cops were on assignment out of state, and had parked their cars in Bukit Aman for the duration. When they got back, they were shocked to discover that their cars had been stolen. Not by a brass-crotched thief wandering into the PDRM headquarters for some good ol’ GTA, but by a fellow cop.

What also won’t help perception is that the cop had enough skill to steal cars, but not the wherewithal to evade PRDM’s own cameras. A little detail that he perhaps should have known about, since he actually works at Bukit Aman.

Worse still, the bad cop could not provide enough information that could lead to the recovery of the cars, presumably because he’s at the bottom rung of the car theft syndicate food chain.

A bally shame, since the news comes at the same time that the cops had major coup: not only managing to arrest the teenage dirtbag who tried to steal two women’s handbags at parang-point in Ara Damansara, but busting a bike theft syndicate, a drug ring, and gambling dens.