Man at His Best

Car Full Of Smuggled Cigs Lights Up

15 cartons of cigarettes stored in engine compartment.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 14, 2016 | Culture


A Singaporean dude trying to smuggle cigarettes into Singapore—15 cartons of cigarettes, to be exact—and got busted in the worst possible way at customs when the cigs lit up

The car was passing through Johor customs and immigration on its way back to Singapore when a fire started in the engine, which was where the cartons of cigarettes were hidden. The fire was put out by customs officials in minutes, but there was damage to the engine and the car. And the cigarettes too.

15 cartons of Singaporean cigarettes would be worth around SGD 1,950 (assuming a pack is worth SGD 13), while 15 cartons of non-kretek Malaysian cigarettes would be worth RM 2,550 (assuming a pack is worth RM 17). Meaning he would have saved SGD 1,082 (RM 3,177)—which is still probably less that what he now has to spend on car repairs.

The silver lining is that he probably won’t get arrested, not here at least. JB Selatan cops said that technically, no offence was committed, as the Singaporean man hadn’t crossed the border, nor even gone through customs inspection. And because—you have to do your Horatio Caine for this—the cigarettes got smoked… in the wrong way.  

But off the record, they’re probably not prosecuting because they feel his pain.