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In An Epic Battle, A Big Mac Takes On Molten Copper

You'd probably never look at another Big Mac the same way ever again.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Mar 21, 2016 | Culture


What happens when you pour molten copper onto a Big Mac?

Nothing much apparently. 

Tito4re, a Youtuber whose videos mostly comprise of him melting copper and pouring it on random things sees him pouring molten copper onto a Big Mac this time, in a bid to see what would happen.

He first heats up the copper to boiling point of about 2000 over degrees and proceeds to slowly pour the liquid over the bun.

As it lands on the bun, a large flame erupts only for it to suddenly die out. This leads us to believe that a Big Mac bun might have fire resistance properties. 

After that, he attempts to attack the beef patty with more molten copper only to be left dissappointed as the beef patty and its condiments are left virtually unfazed albeit a little blackened. 

Truly, a scary and magical sight. 

This leads us to our next question: are our stomach more powerful than molten copper, or have we built up years and years of undigested Big Macs within our bowels?

That's food (ahem) for thought.