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Best Raya Story: New Bike For Theft Victim

Rafi Ahmad wins this Raya after buying bike for mother of five.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 16, 2016 | Culture

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Here’s something to warm the cockles. Rafi Ahmad rode 300 km to Kuantan to present Mardiana Abas with a new motorbike, after the story of her bike being stolen went viral on Facebook.

And because he wasn’t content with being just an ordinary hero, he also presented her with RM 2,100 from a whip-round.

Having read of the theft of Mardiana’s old Honda C70—which made it hard for her to work and support her five kids—Rafi was sufficiently moved to buy her a second hand Honda EX5, and ride it all the way to Kampung Sungai Karang Darat to give it to her in person.

Rafi told Harian Metro that he initially planned to get Mardiana a new C70. But upon realising that he’d then have to actually ride that C70 for the length of the East Coast Expressway, common sense got the better of him, and he went with a second hand EX5 instead.

Rafi wasn’t alone in his generosity, however. Showing that the fading monster of Facebook still has some use, a whole host of kind strangers pledged aid to Mardiana. She told Sinar Harian that one particular kind soul replaced the household goods and school shoes which were on the bike when it was stolen.

So well done, humanity. You’ve not quite restored our faith in you with half this annus horribilis still to go, but you’re getting there.