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Anthony Bourdain And Barack Obama Had A RM25 Dinner (And Beers) In Vietnam

The US president and the CNN travel host met for a street meal in Hanoi. Guess who paid?

BY Michael Sebastian | May 24, 2016 | Culture


As part of President Obama's ongoing Running Out of F*cks to Give tour—which took him to Cuba in March—the commander in chief is presently in Vietnam, lifting a decades-long US arms ban on the country and, in between big diplomatic moments, dining with Anthony Bourdain. 

The president and the CNN travel-show host shared a meal and drank beers in Hanoi on Monday night. They met at this restaurant, according to Carol Lee, The Wall Street Journal's Washington correspondent: 

Here's the president arriving at the restaurant: 

And here they are enjoying their meal and beers:


The President's chopstick skills are on point . #buncha #hanoi

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The price of the meal, according to Bourdain, was USD6. And no, the American taxpayer didn't foot the bill, Bourdain did (or, more likely, his CNN expense account). 

Here's the president leaving dinner after about an hour with Bourdain: 

CNN said the dinner will appear in a future episode of Bourdain's Parts Unknown

From: Esquire US.