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8 Craziest Places You Can Rent On Airbnb

Including bamboo cottages, windmills and perhaps the world's greatest treehouse.

BY Olivia Ovenden | May 10, 2016 | Travel


If you've been itching to book an escape—be it in the sun or into the shade—you could do a lot worse than book one of these unusual Airbnb options.

Whether it's finding your inner Tarzan up a treehouse in Australia or leaving civilisation behind in a converted bus in Sweden, just remember: it's the destination, not the journey.

1 | Old Smock Windmill, Kent, UK

What could be more quaint than a weekend in a windmill? This rural Kent spot only sleeps two but is is a great way to stay somewhere very different. That stand alone bath is pretty special too (just make sure you shut the blinds). Check it out here.

2 | Geodesic dome, Andalusia, Spain

If you're drawn to the idea of setting up camp in the wilderness, this hand-built dome in rural Spain is the perfect way to do it. Remove the covers to bask in the Spanish sun or retreat back into the glowing igloo at night with a glass of red. Check it out here.

3 | Cubehouse, Rotterdam, Holland

The unique design of this Rotterdam house will mean an unforgettably trippy stay. As well as sleek minimalist design the cube house is situated right in the centre of Rotterdam. Just try not to drink too much or you might feel the walls are coming in on you. Check it out here.

4 | Treehouse, Blue Mountains, Australia

Every childhood dream is answered in this super-luxury treehouse in New South Wales Australia, where you can enjoy incredible views from the double bed or hot tub, whichever takes your fancy. You might just have to be dragged down. Check it out here.

5 | Bamboo eco cottage, Ubud, Bali

Another jungle retreat - and one that'll even help save the planet - is this tranquil bamboo cottage on the rice fields of Ubud in Bali. Hike around the mountainous surroundings or lie in for a patio breakfast delivery of omelettes, made from the milk of the friendly goat next door. Check it out here.

6 | Capsule tower, Tokyo, Japan

If you're after a culture shock that looks like something out of the far away future, this crazy capsule apartment just outside of Tokyo might be your dream trip. The clinical compact space is a place to lay your head in a busy city very much in keeping with Japanese minimalism. Check it out here.

7 | Seashell house, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Every part as bonkers as it is beautiful, this shell house in Mexico is a masterful piece of design. The outside swirling shell shapes extend to the bed, bathrooms and living spaces. You'll feel like a merman living thousands of feet under the sea, only with wifi. Check it out here.

8 | Converted bus, Stockholm, Sweden

Detox from hectic city life and find your own Into The Wild adventure by spending some time living in this converted bus in Stockholm. There is a small wooden outdoor tub, a nearby lake and secluded forest areas lit by candles. The apartment is also on a vegetarian commune, so you'll feel super smug at the end of your stay. Check it out here.

From: Esquire UK.