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Millenials: safe, convenient and authentic travel

The largest generation in history wants safety, convenience and authenticity in their vacations, says Expedia.

BY shermian lim | Mar 10, 2017 | Travel

Millennials (they who were born between 1982 and 1999) are postponing marriage and mortgages in favour of other purchases. When it comes to travel experiences, they look for authenticity, convenience and safety, and peer recommendations via social media, according to the 2017 Expedia Millennial Travel Report.

Most telling, according to Simon Fiquet, Expedia group general manager for Southeast Asia and India, is the high importance millennials place on peer recommendations.

Forty-four percent of survey respondents globally said that vacation photos posted by others in their social media circles play a role in helping them decide on holiday destinations.

Fiquet’s advice? “By tailoring the experiences for the millennial traveller, we stand to gain their trust for years to come, as indicated by the importance they place on the opinion of their peers whom they trust and find relatable.”

In terms of authenticity, 72 percent of Malaysian respondents said that experiencing the local culture of a place is the most important aspect of travel.

However, safety and convenience take precedence for Malaysians: 60 percent rate concern for personal safety high on the list.

Three in four millennials globally also said that given the right budget, they would be interested in personalised travel recommendation services.

They want flexibility in cancelling or changing a booking, fewer emails and the ability to split costs with others, which indicates that millennials have a “technology-solves-all” approach.

The 2017 Millennial Travel Report was a ten-minute questionnaire conducted between March and November 2016. In 21 countries, including Malaysia, Asia Pacific and China, a sample of 1,000 respondents per country answered questions that explore key trends that pose changes and pressures related to millennial travel.