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Malaysians Do Not Take Enough Vacations, According To Expedia's New Survey

You might want to start planning a trip to one of Malaysia's top beaches.

BY nawaf rahman | Mar 8, 2016 | Travel


When was the last time you went on a holiday? If you are Malaysian and had to take a long pause to answer the question, you might be one of the 72.7 percent of Malaysians who are vacation-deprived.

Some of the mains reasons why Malaysians are unable to go to vacation include: Cancellation vacation plans due to work (56.6 percent). Insufficient staff to cover you at work and a hectic work schedule (38.2 percent) and lack of funds (32.9 percent). And given a choice, Malaysians would rather receive a pay raise rather than more vacation days.

A shame, because vacations have a positive effect on one’s mental and physical health. When polled, study respondents who return from vacation are happier and more focused at work, as well as more contented, and better bonded with their partners after coming back from a trip.

The irony is that our country is full of world-class vacation destinations—you don’t have to go far to visit beautiful beaches and islands. Recently, Tioman gained recognition when it was mentioned in the Guardian’s list of 50 best beaches in the world.


According to the article, Tioman “doesn’t attract as many Singha-and-mushroom-fuelled backpackers as its Thai cousins, but if you want a hammock and a chance to relax, this is the place to be. The beaches are clean and the snorkelling top class, with gear available from hostels and shops just back from the shore. In the evenings, barbecues and low-key parties break out along the beach.”

There are two other islands we’re especially partial towards. Pulau Mabul, off the southeastern coast of Sabah, is a hidden gem even to locals. Once a fishing village, nowadays it attracts more tourists and divers due to its pristine, gem-like water, rich marine life, surrounded by subtle coral reefs. A stroll through the village on the island provides a relaxed and tranquil sight of traditional activities—and at night, stargazing is possible.

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The other is Pulau Tiga, where some might know it as the secret filming location of the first season of Survivor. Apart from lush greenery and blue oceans the island is also famous for therapeutic natural volcanic mud.


Yes, mud-bathing.