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Last Resort: ME London

An ultra modern hotel in the heart of London.

BY EDITORS | Dec 6, 2018 | Travel

Franky speaking, ME London doesn’t look much from its exterior. Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. But once you've stepped foot in, you'll immediately notice how ultra modern the hotel feels. For starters, the foyer on the ground floor looks like a chic nightclub dressed in black marble walls, ergonomic stainless steel rods and velvet seatings with lounge music looping in the background.

Then, I exited a black lift into an equally black lobby on the first floor. Now, here's when the wow factor kicked in: out of nowhere, I found myself standing in a steepling pyramid wrapped in dark and walls with jellyfish projection on them. Sunlight was glowing down from a small triangular opening on top; all of a sudden, I was feeling 10 times smaller than I was just seconds ago.

Like any other first-timers to the hotel, I immediately took out my phone and started recording this futuristic scenography. This has to be the most awe-inspiring, immersive and impressive lobby I’ve ever been to. It’s as though I am in a scene of a Sci-fi movie or an episode of Black Mirror. Fortunately, you don’t need any human rating scores to stay in one of the 157 rooms here.

Check in was swift. A guest relation exec named Alex then escorted me to my room. Along the way, everything remains dark – black lifts, black walls, black foyer, black corridors. It isn’t until you arrive in the room where things take a different notch. While staying true to the ultra-modern aesthetics, the room is swathed entirely in white with minimal (but not sterile) designs. There are some funky elements such as the mood lightings where you can control the atmosphere accordingly.

But the best part of my room is the balcony that opens to a sweeping view of Thames. I sat outside one evening on a beautiful autumn day, sipping a glass (or might have been three) of champagne as the sky turned into rich and varied dyes.

Later that night, I head to the Radio Bar, the hotel's famed rooftop bar which sits on top of the gigantic pyramidal hollow marble where the hotel is built around. Not only the views are splendid here, the vibe is hip, the cocktails are great, and the service is amicable. You can easily tell that it’s the place to go if you want to ‘be seen’.

ME London is one of those hotels you’d want to stay for the experience. Even though at times the hotel seems a little bizarre (I mean, a black tetrahedron lobby?), it’s executed without flaws. If this is how we live in the future, we’re perfectly fine with it.

Check out more on ME London's website.