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How To Travel When You & Your Partner Are Expecting

Malaysian celebrity couple shares their traveling experience to Club Med Kani, Maldives.

BY IAN LOH | Sep 12, 2017 | Travel

Entrepeneur Roen Cian Nagapan and former Miss Malaysia Carey Ng are avid travellers. Honeymooning in Hawaii, and having travelled to Iceland, Las Vegas, London and Milan together since they've first started dating. So nothing is going to stop them from travelling even when they're expecting their first child together. We caught up the couple who recently celebrated their babymoon at Club Med Kani, Maldives.

ESQ: Before Maldives, where have you guys travelled to together?
ROEN: During our 4 years of dating, we’ve been to Las Vegas, Iceland, London and we went to Honolulu and Maui for our honeymoon.

CAREY: When we travel we like to achieve as much as we can. We keep up with each other's energy and try to discover as much as possible.

ESQ: So, who is the leader and who’s the follower?
I think we take turns.

ROEN: I let Carey lead [laughs]. She's the better organiser. She's more meticulous, so, she'll do all the organising and research.

CAREY: Truth is, we’ll each do a bit of research but we also try not to over-organise. We have a rough list of things that we want to check off and we try to do those things as we go. We've been to New York and there were times where we couldn't get bookings for certain things, so we always try to redo. At least we feel fulfilled knowing that we’ve done some exploring. We’re not that kind of a couple who sits around and do nothing. But with the baby coming, it teaches us to slow down a little bit.

ESQ: What are some tips for couples who travel together?
Try and be as in sync as possible. Once you're in sync then, I think everything just flows. Whatever happens, happens. I think that is why when couples travel, they sometimes argue, because they have different expectations. But it’s important to remember that the goal is to spend time together and to create memories.

ROEN: I think there's no excuse in this modern era because of all the technology that we have. We were in the US looking for Asian restaurants and there was Yelp. Everything you want is there: Google Maps is there, Waze is there, you just need to travel with a portable Wifi. That's the most important thing.

CAREY: And follow the right people's Instagram. Follow all those travel vlogs just because it feels more personal and it is inspirational because you've seen it in the photos and it is portrayed a certain way. I think because we are in this age of social media, it forms a vision for you.

ESQ: Tell us more about your experience here at Club Med Kani.
ROEN: The resort matches the photos. We did a bit of research before coming up. There were certain pictures that we wanted to curate. And the service is good, they really take care of you here.

CAREY: I think with this pregnancy, I just want the shortest travelling method. Everything here is within the island, so it’s great. They have all the activities sorted for you and the timing is great. Generally not much scheduling is needed. We give the 'GO' and they'll get it sort out for us. So it is actually really, really awesome and it came timely for us. And the water is so, so clear, it's crazy!

ESQ: Where is your next destination?

CAREY: It is a shame we’ve not been to Japan. We’ve had a layover in Japan, and even at the airport itself, you could see how well thought out everything is. Like the female changing room and the baby area, you know you don't have to worry if we were to go to Japan. So, Japan is definitely on our bucket list.