Man at His Best

The Aquila is spectacular even for Phuket’s high-end ’hood

Tony Stark-like complex on cliff edge is for the soirée that never sleeps

BY Angela Carson | Dec 12, 2017 | Travel

If escaping the daily grind for a mix of debauchery and pampering ranks high on your to-do list, then you need a destination.  The perfect playground exudes modern luxury and encourages a bit of naughtiness. It has discreet staff so skilled, they predict your every need before you think it. And it comes with a view money cannot buy. The Aquila is Phuket’s multi-talented new kid on the block, a 10,000 sq metre private villa on the island’s Millionaire’s Mile.

It’s hard to describe it; the first thing that comes to mind is ‘what happens at The Aquila stays at The Aquila,’ like Vegas but without the seedy underbelly. This gorgeous seven-bedroom estate is ensconced along 165 metres of coastline, surrounded by rugged terrain and coral reefs below. It’s the place for a soirée that never needs to sleep. And no one outside your enclave need ever be the wiser.

The Aquila is spread across four pavilions on three levels and showcases a 30-metre infinity pool at the heart of it all, a divine vantage point for soaking in the sunset or a star-lit swim. There’s a spa, three capacious lounges, a formal dining room, and a gym with vistas of the sea. Oh, and a party pad with wraparound bar, an awesome sound system, billiards, a gaming zone, chillout space, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto the stars.

As you walk across the glass-panelled catwalk and ascend to your destination, you feel it: that sense of wonder and excitement, jaw slightly dropped, with a hard-wired impulse to plunge into the pool and forget your shoes until check out. 

Your personal chef makes what is probably the best Thai prawn salad in its country of origin. Your bartender mixes a power-packed fresh mango daiquiri that she serves at the pool (which made for awesome Instagram sunset shots).  You never need to leave the villa but if you do fancy a cheeky moment away, Ibiza’s Café Del Mar has launched its sister property 10 minutes down the road. They have a sinful Sunday pool party you’ll want to hit.

I’ve arranged for the staff to leave early and for security to defer their patrol so I can go skinny-dipping at midnight on my last day.  They’ve left the wine cellar open and queued up a Buddha Bar-esque playlist. 


Photos by Christopher Leggett.