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We Tried McDonald's Latest 'Nasi Lemak Burger' and Here's What We Think

They're also serving Pulut Hitam Pie and Banana McFlurry.

BY editors | Apr 26, 2018 | Reviews

McDonald's Malaysia

Well, it’s here–McDonald’s Malaysia is now serving the Nasi Lemak Burger.

Priced at RM14.95 (à la carte)/ RM16.95 (medium set (French fries and 100 PLUS)), the burger almost, just almost has every bit of the nation’s well-loved dish: a chilli bun, cucumber slices (cut thick), a fried egg, sambal with real chili skin, santan-flavoured fried chicken thigh, and caramelised onions. What’s missing were the ikan bilis and peanuts, but there’s flavours of the fried anchovies in the sambal, we’ll say, so that’s just us nit-picking. Fries and drink–standard.

What it looks like in real life.

Verdict: Won’t deny, it is pretty delicious. The chicken’s well marinated, juicy and the flavours of the sambal and chicken thigh together is local and there’s a real overall feeling of the nasi lemak dish. Some would prefer the sambal spicier (it’s less spicy than the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe) but we’re good with that (they got to appeal to the mass too). That said, a burger’s a burger; it’s definitely different from the experience of rice and having to get that chicken meat off the bone.

For desserts, they have the Pulut Hitam Pie (RM3.95), Sundae Pisang (RM4.50), McFlurry Pisang (RM5.50), and the McFlurry Party Pisang (RM12.95). The Pulut Hitam Pie is decent, it has black glutinous rice in it, but no second time for the banana flavoured deserts, we’ll stick to the real deal.

Will you be getting yours?