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Meet Betsy at 35,000ft

Beer for foodies with a fear of flying

BY shermian lim | Feb 28, 2017 | Reviews

Hello, Betsy! / Photo by Cathay Pacific

Anthony Bourdain opts for a cheese plate and a "shitload of port" but spare a thought for the airline chefs who must feed the travelling hordes. After all, our taste buds work differently at 30,000 feet in the air. Sweet and salty are muted; bitter, sour and spicy enhanced. Well, that won’t cut it when you’re trying to enjoy a pint on board. So Cathay Pacific has charged ahead with Hong Kong Beer Co to create Betsy Beer, a craft brew for the foodie with a fear of flying.

The key ingredients aren’t a state secret, but appear thoughtfully sourced. Fuggle, used in traditional British craft ales, honey from the New Territories, longan (dragon eye fruit) and carefully judged carbonation are supposed to make Betsy a win. If you'd like to sample what's touted as the world's first high-altitude ale, fly first or business from Hong Kong to London and Manchester from Mar 1 to April 30 or, when in Hong Kong, find Betsy in Mr & Mrs Fox, Café Gray Deluxe, Plat du Jour, Public, Sugar and The Continental or exlusively on during March and April. Or, do what we'll do: head for the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong or Heathrow. 

So who's Betsy named after? Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3 which flew passengers around the region in the 1940s and 1950s. Those were happening times.

Watch Betsy in action!