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How Nobu KL's new prix fixe lunch menu compares around the world

We compare the price of lunch at Nobu restaurants globally. How does KL stack up?

BY shermian lim | Mar 6, 2017 | Reviews

When bento boxes and set lunches seem out of fashion, there's Nobu Kuala Lumpur's new prix fixe lunch menu that offers a selection of appetisers, mains and dessert choices for the ultimate meal sharing experience. A Prix Fixe Set for a choice of appetiser, main and dessert, and is served with a complimentary green tea and is priced at RM165++.

This had us wondering how much Nobu lunches in other cities cost. Menus in different cities vary, but we did a price comparison of similar lunch sets from Nobu restaurants in other cities. 

Most of these are prices of lunch boxes and sets (the Nobu restaurants in this price comparison do not offer KL's Prix Fixe menu). London's Old Park Lane and Berkeley Street locations both offer a Fuyu Lunch Menu, which is the closest to KL's prix fixe menu and about RM12 more. Chef Philip recommends ordering the following combo for the prix fixe menu: steamed vegetables with shiso salsa as a "refreshing starter", tenderloin wasabi pepper sauce as the main and chef Leong's personal favourite, the Suntory whisky cappucino, to end the meal.

Moscow: RUB2250 (RM170).

Beijing: RMB335 (RM216).

New York: USD37 (RM164)

London: GBP32.50 (RM177)

Budapest: HUF16,000 (RM242)

Melbourne: AUD50 (RM168)

Tokyo: YEN4,500 (RM175)

Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Shisho Salsa, Tenderloin Wasabi Pepper Sauce and Sata-Andagi (Nutella-filled fried doughnut ball.)

Here's the KL Prix Fixe lunch full menu list:

Appetisers: Salmon New Style Sashimi; Yellow Tail Jalapeno; Seafood Ceviche; Butter Lettuce Dry Miso, Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Shisho Salsa, Shitake Salad With Spicy Lemon Dressing and Soft Shell Crab Kara-age.

Mains: Assorted Mushroom Toban Yaki, Shrimp Spicy Garlic, Salmon Antichucho Donburi, Salmon Oyako Donburi, Mixed Tempura Udon, Grilled Chicken Truffle Teriyaki, Tenderloin Wasabi Pepper Sauce.

Dessert: Banana Harumaki, Sata-Andagi, Green Tea Fiji Shaved Ice, Suntory Whisky Cappucino.


For more info and reservations, visit Nobu Kuala Lumpur's website.