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Keeping Things Simple With BLVD House

The restaurant's General Manager, Ansgar Schlemmer explains the concept behind KL's newest casual dining spot.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Nov 7, 2016 | Reviews


With influences from famous cities such as Paris, New York and London, KL's latest culinary addition, BLVD House exudes the ambiance of a French bistro with an American style of approach to food in all the elegance of a London setting. According to BLVD House's General Manager, Ansgar Schlemmer, the conception of the restaurant came when the shareholders felt that there was something missing within KL's eating scene. 

"They travel a lot and they're seeing a lot of restaurants and they thought, there's something's missing. You go around KL and you see some fancy restaurants, you see different styles but this kind of ambiance (found in BLVD House) is elegant yet casual. It's something unique," notes Ansgar. 

Starting out as a chef in a five-star luxury hotel back in Northen Germany, Ansgar is very familiar with the working's of the kitchen and having served in 2-star Michelin establishments to 5-star luxury hotels, his portfolio of experience is diverse and plentiful. Having been in Asia for the past five years, Ansgar surmises that despite the vast difference of both cultures, he adapted quite well. 

"Our aim (with BLVD House) is to give our guests a 5-star hotel service where basically you come, and you feel like you’re in a restaurant of a 5-star hotel because you get the service, attention, and quality but reasonable prices and casual dining atmosphere where you don't need to wear a suit or tuxedo to eat here," Ansgar explains the mood of BLD House.

As for the food found in BLVD House, Ansgar emphasises the ingredients of their menu and simplicity of their food" "We are not too fancy, we are keeping things natural. Our food is just straightforward and everybody understands it. You don’t need to ask twice what it is, to get the explanation, everything is straightforward. To put it simple, quality of ingredients, easy to understand, and just straightforward for the guests. That’s our recipe".


BLVD House is located at Ground Floor, NAZA Tower, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. It is open on Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 11pm, Friday to Saturday from 12pm-1am and on Sundays, 11am to 11pm. For more information, please visit their website.