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Need something refreshing? Grab a ‘Fake News Ale’

With Donald Trump as the face of the drink, it’s going to #MakeBeerGreatAgain.

BY editors | Apr 18, 2017 | Opinion

Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

We have seen plenty of different ways people have shown their disdain to the POTUS. But this one is on another hilarious level. Canadian brewery Northern Maverick Brewing Co. unveiled a theme beer called ‘Fake News Ale.’

The drink is described as “an easy-drinking beer”, great for “long discussions over world events with friends” and goes well with “small hands, striking comb overs, HUUUGE egos and all things Mexican.” For each beer can sold, Northern Maverick Brewing Co. will donate 5 percent of sales to help reverse a questionable policy, which they will determine which cause will receive the charitable donation in a few weeks time.

A subtle (but not really) comeback from what Trump said about Canadians being 'Snow Mexicans'?


Also, how does this compare to Warren Buffett’s face on Cherry Coke in China?

Bottles of Cherry Coca-Cola with a portrait of Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, are for sale on the shelf with other soft drinks at a supermarket in Beijing, China, 14 April 2017. (Photo: AFP)