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Give Him The Money!

Vote for Will Chua of FOLO Farms.

BY jason tan | Jun 2, 2017 | Opinion

What is a FOLO Farm?

That’s Feed Our Loved Ones. There’s three of them in Johor, all family-run.

Who’s Will Chua and why does he want my money?

He’s a co-founder of FOLO farms, and he’s representing Malaysia at The Chivas Venture, a global competition by Chivas Regal to fund social entrepreneurs and to create a viable business network for them to thrive.

And it’s not your money you’re giving him, but a vote of your confidence. The more, the greater a proportion of the USD250,000 now on offer for this year’s Chivas Venture finalists.


Argh I just saw this post and it’s too late but want to vote for Will and FOLO.

No fear, Will is headed for the finals next month, where FOLO will present the case for what it’s doing in a sort of talent competition for social entrepreneurs. Winner gets USD1,000,000 prize money, and the benefit of The Chivas Venture network of like-minds and structural support.

FOLO Farms

Ah, just what is FOLO Farms’ proposal anyway?

It has to do with food. To understand just how determined they are, first read this, from their blog. We think it’s a really, really good initiative:

“I remember when FOLO Kempas was not yet FOLO Kempas. It didn't have a name then. It was a piece of land with patches of weeds, gritty sand and a few lonely trees, left behind by a beloved one. What to do with half a football field strips of land that was out of the way?

“Most of us had come back to JB and SG after years spent abroad studying and working. As adults, we came back to be closer to our families. And we noticed that something was not quite right. Why were our loved ones’ healths increasingly failing? Why was cancer and organ failure increasingly common, and not just among the older generation? This can't be part of growing up, can it?

“From this, a mad ambitious dream took root and grew. We would reclaim our food. We would take ownership of feeding ourselves and our loved ones, since we obviously could not leave this in the hands of industrial capitalist behemoths who thought of food as products, as units to be chemically manipulated for greater output at maximum efficiency, instead of the life-giving nutrition it was supposed to be … We will take our health back. We will take everyone's health back.

“Whoa. I just read what I wrote. Sorry I got carried away. Okay. Dramatic rant over.”

And the proposal is...

To grow food the right way, organically, and make it accessible to the 99%. To do this, it needs to ensure efficient distribution too, and subscribes to the notion of eating local. FOLO Farms currently supplies fresh organic produce to the local communities around its three farms in Johor.

The clincher is this: BAJA!

FOLO Farms is working to reduce the catastrophic 1.3 billion tons of food wastage produced by the industrial food system by collaborating with restaurants and hotels to systematically compost their leftovers to grow organic vegetables.

By proving that this can be done, FOLO Farms hopes to spark off similar initiatives among other local communities around the country and the world, in a genuine grassroots movement.

What can we say except YOU GO, FOLO!

Take a look at the movement for yourself right here.

PS: FOLO Farms is the only social enterprise from Malaysia taking part in the Chivas Venture competition.