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Malaysia Boleh Beer

Now possible - draught beer, almost anywhere.

BY muna noor | Oct 31, 2017 | Opinion

The desire to pull up a chair at the bar and sink into that creamy head of foam and bittersweet golden nectar often comes at the most inopportune times. For some, that time is celebratory in nature – landing a promotion, aceing a presentation, riding the VIP lift to your office floor in the building. For others, it’s more mundane – landing a promotion, aceing a presentation, riding the VIP lift to your office floor in the building.

You get it. The reality is we could do with a pint at a moment’s notice but reality and realisation seldom intersect and you can’t always round up the posse and piss off down the pub where a bartender can pull you a long tall one whenever you feel like it.

Until now. Answering the incessant plea of the Malaysian beer drinker for freshly tapped beer, even when there’s no bar in sight, the ingenious boffins at Carlberg Malaysia have invented a beer that recreates the taste of a draught, but served up in a can and bottle for the benefit of beer drinkers everywhere. Yup, Carlsberg Smooth Draught is our gift to the world … Malaysia boleh beer. With some help from the Danes.

Although Carlsberg Smooth Draught was unleashed to a grateful beer drinking public in April last year, in October this year Carlsberg’s recent and final edition to the draught in a can/bottle compendium was launched. The single-serve 325ml pint bottle complements the brew’s existing 580ml quart bottle, and 500ml and 320ml can varieties. Containing 4.8% alcohol (by volume), the magic of draught is achieved through two brewing techniques: its doubly long maturation cycle; and cold hopping technique.

“No beer machine needed, no tapping device required,” quipped Carlsberg Malaysia’s Managing Director Lars Lehmann at the brand’s recent reveal. “Simply enjoy probably the smoothest beer in the world anytime, anywhere – be it in a plane, out in the desert or at the peak of the mountain.” Which ostensibly just leaves space – the final frontier – to conquer. And since Michelle Yeoh has already done that – at least on TV – it won’t be long now til Malaysians will be inciting another revolution….

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