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McDonald's UK and Julien Macdonald Just Created A Fancy-Ass Luxury Burger Box

Does one keep the box or throw it away after eating the burger in it?

BY editors | Aug 24, 2017 | News

McDonalds UK

McDonald's UK just teamed up with British designer Julien Macdonald to create a glamourous, literal star-studded burger box for their Signature Collection of burgers.

We do wonder why McDonald's chose Julien Macdonald out of the many talented designers. Is it because of the similar sounding last name? Probably. (Does the majority that eats McDonald's even know who Julien Macdonald is?)

Macdonald told Yahoo Style UK, “I thought about it as a jewellery box. I went with what I liked – so a lot of Art Deco and Art Nouveau motifs. It’s very Julien Macdonald: glitzy, metallic and edgy. But equally, I wanted a box that would make people laugh and smile. Something that wouldn’t be taken too seriously.” Macdonald admits that he “had some fun” and took on a project that he “really enjoyed” doing. “The fashion industry can be taken too seriously.”

Limited to only 1000 boxes, McDonald’s fans would have to sign up for showcase events around the UK before they can get their hands on one.

Though, at the moment, the glitzy box’s reputation isn’t doing too well. Here are some comments on McDonald's UK’s Facebook:

Watch the creations behind the box here. Would you get a box yourself?