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Here's The Real Way You're Meant To Hold Your Pizza (According To An Expert)

The food police are back to ruin your life

BY Olivia Ovenden | Oct 14, 2016 | News

The latest pizza news to upset you? Apparently you've been holding it wrong your entire life. 

Daniel Young, a pizza expert who studied under Naples pizza legend Enzo Coccia has said that holding a slice by the crust means all the toppings slide into a cheesy mess on the plate leaving you holding some disappointing tomato bread.  He explains that instead you should eat it, "Folded twice upon itself like a wallet," because, "Neapolitan pizza was eaten on the street."

Like so:





Best way to eat a #VeraPizza  #pizzanapoletana #pizzawallet #illazzarone

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As everyone knows, there is no finer food glue than cheese and it has worked pretty well at staying on the slice for several decades, so origami seems a bridge too far. 

Well, in the immortal words of Michael Gove, we've had enough of experts, especially where pizza is concerned.


From: Esquire UK