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Glenmorangie Spos Is The Distillery's 9th Private Edition

A single malt whisky fully matured in American ex-rye whiskey casks.

BY editors | Apr 26, 2018 | News

Created only once every year since 2010, Glenmorangie's ninth Private Edition named The Glenmorangie Spios was recently unveiled in Kuala Lumpur. This is the distillery’s first single malt whisky to matured solely in casks that previously held American rye whiskey. Here’s how a classic Speyside aged in rye barrels happens:

With its uniquely savoury and full-bodied character, Glenmorangie Spìos (it’s Scott Gaelic for 'spice' and pronounced spee-oss) perfectly recalls the glittering heyday of American rye whisky. To make Glenmorangie Spìos, Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation and Whisky Stocks sourced the finest first-fill casks from American rye whisky’s heartland of Kentucky, intrigued by the rare cinnamon and clove notes when he travelled to the US in the late 1990s. And long before the rye resurgence of today began, he arranged for these hand-selected oak casks to be shipped across the world, to the Glenmorangie Distillery, deep in the Scottish Highlands.

Over the years, they began to impart their intriguing flavours to the pure and smooth spirit which emerges from Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills–the tallest in Scotland. The American rye whisky’s spicy character in Glenmorangie Spìos carries the aromas of cherry, clove and scents of green grass.

Brendan McCarron, Glenmorangie’s Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks gives his take on the Glenmorangie Spìos, "the rye spice bursts on to the palate, as toffee, clove and cinnamon mingle with buttery vanilla, before a sweet and lingering finish."

Tasting  Notes:  Glenmorangie  Spìos  is  non-chill  filtered  and  bottled  at  46%  ABV. Colour:  Straw  gold Nose:  Fresh,  herbal  and  perfumed,  hints  of  cherry,  clove  and  mint  toffee,  with  some  green  grassy  notes. Taste:  Spicy  texture,  lots  of  toffee,  clove,  cinnamon,  nutmeg,  and  sweet,  buttery  vanilla; A  splash  of  water  releases  more  perfumed,  ethereal͛  notes,  crisp,  clean  and  fresh,  with  myriad  herbal  notes. Finish:  Rich,  sweet  and  lingering,  with  more  fudge,  toffee,  Brazil  nut  and  tangy  citrus.

With only 200 bottles available in Malaysia, the  new  Glenmorangie  Spìos  is  available  directly  through  Moet  Hennessy  Diageo  at  03 2053 8688  or