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Nobu Kuala Lumpur whips up two special menus to cap the year

BY Grace Lai | Dec 21, 2017 | News

Nobu Matsuhisa is an experimental guy. His holy trinity of freshness, quality and simplicity are what he uses to help him incorporate a diversity of ingredients into his dishes. They're a counterpoint to the exacting complexity of Japanese conceptual dining. The chef and his partners (Robert de Niro being the marquee name) now count over 29 Nobu franchises around the world. Nobu KL, the first in the region, sits on the 56th floor of Petronas Tower 3 and offers a glimpse of the commanding heights. It doesn't disappoint.

Nobu KL’s Omakase menu is eagerly anticipated. Its December, Christmas Omakase and New Year Omakase raise the already noble offerings to a new level of flavour and creativity. Both menus feature a range of premium ingredients to cap an eventful 2017. 

Available from 22 - 25 December, the Christmas Omakase at RM560++ per person includes a Scallop Quinoa Salad, Smoked Wagyu with Yuba and Nori Sauce, and a Sweet Santa dessert comprising of a mix of Genmai Cha Bavarian and Chestnut Cream, Chocolate Raspberry and Coconut. The Smoked Wagyu with Yuba and Nori Sauce uses an A4 cut that is pleasantly overwhelming in its buttery texture and exceptional flavouring. The Scallop Quinoa Salad is deceptively simple, with its secret ingredient being the unrivalled, fresh scallop. Sweet and uncommonly umami, this simple dish needs no grand trimmings. 

The New Year Omakase, available from 29 December - 1 January, priced at RM595++ and RM680++ (with a glass of champagne) features seasonal ingredients used exclusively in Japanese New Year celebrations. In the New Year Omakase is the signature Nobu Style dish with a twist, the Dry Miso Spinach Salad with Salmon Belly, a succulent Lobster in Shitake and Quinoa Butter and a Countdown dessert of Crème Brulee and Vanilla sponge with Green Tea Mousse and Azuki Bean Paste. The lobster, coated in a truffled quinoa butter, is springy and juicy, drenched as it is in the fragrance and allure that is butter and nothing else. 

The first seating is from 6pm - 7.45pm, and the second at 8.30pm. Reservations are secured with a RM500 deposit. These are two Omakase menus you don’t want to miss out on. Kudos to executive chef Philip Leong and his team.