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Instagramming Food In The 17th Century

Seems like quite an awful lot of effort.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Aug 2, 2016 | News


These days we're pretty much hooked on social media and its connectivity has allowed us to peer in and remain in touch with each other like never before. While some dub it a distraction and others a must-do, we've all been guilty of Instragramming our food once in awhile.

IKEA just release an ad which brilliant pokes fun at this strange modern affair which has now become a norm via a reimagination of an artistocratic family in what looks like 17th-century France. As they sit down to for a meal, the family's patriach summons a painter to create a canvas in the likeness of the food which is then carted off around the country for everyone to see and give their thumbs up. Finally, the cart returns and the family is able to eat. 

Ending with a few simple words, "It's a meal. Not a competition.", IKEA reminds us that to relax and rediscover the simple joys of cooking, eating and being together, without all of the distractions. Brilliant we must say.