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First Ever Beerfest In North Korea

How dear does the leader looks after a few pints?

BY Jason S Ganesan | Aug 16, 2016 | News

North Korea spent its weekend making yet another threat of a “merciless and annihilating” nuclear strike on the US, and opening an exclusively anti-US and anti-Japan education centre, but it’s not all dire.

Because they also had their first ever beer festival. On a boat (on a boat).

The festival features the DPRK’s own Taedonggang beer, and takes place on the Rainbow Boat, which will float along the Taedong river throughout the month of September.

The beerfest, which attracted a crowd of 800 locals and tourists—because people still travel there, despite the threat of arbitrary detention—featured beer, live music and games, and lots of fried chicken.

A local—who thankfully was still sober, or who knows what he might’ve blurted out—was interviewed by CCTV+, and said “We have our leadership to thank for being able to drink to our hearts' content today.” Smart move, guy.

Taedonggang beer has been a local favourite since the early 2000s, when the government of North Korea bought up the defunct Ushers of Trowbridge brewery in the UK, shipped it over, and reassembled the entire thing in Pyongyang.

Few need beer more than the clinically joy-starved North Koreans. Because if gold medal-winning weightlifter Rim Jong-Sim’s hobbies are anything to go by, chilling equals listening to songs about Kim. To be fair, that’s not nearly as gross as listening to ‘Bound 2’.