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Diageo Introduces The Limited Edition 'Game of Thrones' Inspired Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection

Cheers! We’re toasting to the final season of 'Game of Thrones'.

BY JUERN NG | Mar 12, 2019 | News

If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, what are you even doing. In celebration of the final eighth season of the critically-acclaimed TV series, HBO and DIAGEO have collaborated to bring you a limited-edition collection of the Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. Ever wondered what each kingdom would taste like in the form of a drink? Probably not, but here’s your chance. Featuring eight scotches, each flavour was made inspired by the great Houses of Westeros and the Night’s Watch.

1. Game of Thrones House Tully – The Singleton Glendullan Select

Ruling over The River lands, House Tully controls the power of water. Similarly, The Singleton Glendullan Select is made with harnessed water that utilizes a water wheel to power the entire distillery on the banks of River Fiddich in Dufftown, Scotland.

2. Game of Thrones House Stark – Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost

Much like the frigid temperature in Winterfell, home to House Stark, the creation of the Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost takes place in the cold and remote Dalwhinnie distillery in Scotland. The extreme condition is accountable for creating its signature honeyed sweetness and spicy warmth, served best chilled or over ice.

3. Game of Thrones House Targaryen – Cardhu Gold Reserve

With Daenerys Targaryen reigning over House Targaryen, her fiery spirit inspires the making of the Cardhu Gold Reserve. Celebrating women empowerment and their unwavering perseverance, the Cardhu distillery was first initiated – in a male-dominated industry – by Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.

4. Game of Thrones House Lannister – Lagavulin 9-Year-Old

On their rise to ruling over the Iron Throne, the Lannister’s meticulous calculations reflects the Lagavulin single malt whisky which has been created on the shores of Islay for more than 200 years. The single malt whisky is best served neat or with a drop of water.

5. Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch – Oban Bay Reserve

As Castle Black is located between Westeros and the lands beyond The Wall, so does the Oban distillery which sits between the west Highlands and the Islands of Scotland. The Oban Bay Reserve is extremely rich with a hint of woody, spicy dryness for the perfect balance.

6. Game of Thrones House Greyjoy – Talisker Select Reserve

Comparable to House Greyjoy ruling the Iron Islands, the Talisker Select Reserve is a single malt distilled on the shores of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The layered flavours of its intense smokiness and the hint of sweet and spicy elements to its maritime character are the results of its battering waves on the shores.

7. Game of Thrones House Baratheon – Royal Lochnagar 12-Year-Old

Like the royal bloodline of House Baratheon where Robert Baratheon rules upon the Iron Throne, the Royal Lochnagar is a whisky fit for a king. Exuding notes of delicate fruits and spices, the Royal Lochnagar was granted a Royal Warrant after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert dropped by the distillery in 1848.

8. Game of Thrones House Tyrell – Clynelish Reserve

Similar to the luscious greenery of the Reach which House Tyrell of Highgarden watches over, the Clynelish Reserve is crafted among the rich meadow pasture overlooking the North Sea. As expected, the liquid is light and floral though never underestimate its underlying complexities of its Highland and maritime qualities.

Suggested Retail Price: RM2499.00 for a set of 8 (SALE PRICE: RM2299.00)

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