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Diageo Offers A Special Selection of Whiskies to Toast to the Year of the Pig

The best time to clink those dapper whisky glasses.

BY JUERN NG | Jan 30, 2019 | News

It’s always been a tradition for families and friends to gather during Chinese New Year to toast to health, wealth and happiness. Basically, all the good stuff. And besides the yee sang, the drinks are highly important too. One sip is all it takes for that festive spirit to kick in and to bring those mahjong tables out. Here's a selection by Diageo: 

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition


The Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskies are famous for their undeniably smooth and complex textures. This Chinese New Year, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition is specifically design by RLon Wang for the Malaysian market, featuring symbolic traditions of the Malaysian Chinese community and the iconic landmarks of Malaysia. A rare bottle for a rare occasion. 

2. Exclusive Edition John Walker & Sons XR21 Ru Yi Pack


The Exclusive Edition John Walker & Sons XR 21 Ru Yi Pack comprised of Johnnie Walker’s most preserved whiskies, aged at a minimum of 21 years. It exudes flavours of sweet honey with a combination of tempered spices which is fascinating to the palate. The ideal gift to a businessman as a symbolism of power and good fortune, undoubtedly screams luxury.

3. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve


Boasting notes of vanilla and dark fruit follow by a touch of smouldering ember that will linger on your palate, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve will be the literal star of the show with its shining golden exterior. But it doesn’t stop there. The pack also comes with a golden whisky flask for an immediate toast. 

4. The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Years Old


Offering perfectly balanced flavours of apple, prune and cinnamon, The Singleton of Glen Ord is Malaysians’ best loved single malt whisky. The 12 years old delicate whisky may be light but it is packed with plenty of flavours and intensity. Its versatility makes everything that much more exhilarating enjoyed as a cocktail or with the richness of dark chocolate.

Visit Stay Thirsty to grab yourself a bottle and pour yourself a glass to celebrate the beginning of an auspicious Lunar New Year. Cheers!