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A Water Only Bar Is Coming To London

The menu is shrouded in secrecy, and they even have a water sommelier.

BY finlay renwick | May 31, 2016 | News


​Have you ever been out at a bar and thought that you'd really like to try lots of different kinds of water, because the tap or Evian kind just isn't cutting it? No? Well then you won't be interested to hear about the 'water only' bar that's opening at Selfridges.

Yes, water only, as in, it only serves water. No booze...just water. As reported in the Independent , ​the H2O bar will open in Selfridges accessory hall, where the special water menu is still shrouded in secrecy.

Water bars have already, unsurprisingly, been established in America, where one L.A venue came under fire recently for serving a bottle for a particularly thirsty £14.

​In support of Selfridges' decision, German water sommelier - apparently that's a thing - Martin Riese told the Sunday Times: "Water has a taste. Why not create a water menu?

"Just buy different brands of water with different [mineral] levels and taste them side by side. You will suddenly see how different they actually are.

"Like wine, one can actually taste the region and depth from which the water comes."

Patrick Bateman would have a field day.

From: Esquire UK.