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Explaining Aperol Spritz, The Orange Aperitif That Is Italy

A classic case of Italy.

BY grace lai | Jul 12, 2018 | Feature

The fastest-selling liqueur in Italy with a million bottles sold every single day, Aperol from the Campari label, the base of Aperol Spritz, is synonymous to Italy itself. The drink is built around Aperol, the part sweet and part bitter, 11% alcohol from northern Italy. Aperol is known for its bright orange colour and its unique palate - a mixture of bitter oranges, sweet oranges, rhubarb, and herbs that according to the ambassador, is a secret recipe still.

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Aperol Spritz is an easy 3-2-1 mix of three parts prosecco (of course), two parts Aperol, and one splash of soda water. Pour all the ingredients into a wine glass filled with ice, garnish it with an orange slice, and there you have it, Italy’s most popular aperitif (a drink usually served before a meal, and often with small snacks like olives or nuts). It was said that in the 1950s during the Austrian’s occupation in Italy, the Austrians took over local Italian wines and added what they called a splash of water, which over time (and two World Wars), turned into sparkling water. The wine they liked, morphed into wine fortified with liqueur which slowly became the much-loved Aperol Spritz.

The Aperol Spritz and Negroni

On a leaden evening with the sky pouring down rain like there was no tomorrow, a small group of rain-soaked writers huddled around the bar of the modish JungleBird watching Campari Group’s Ambassador Divyesh Chauhan conduct a simple, masterclass of four of Italy’s most-loved drinks. We started with the iconic Aperol Spritz, progressed on to the inimitable Negroni and then the Boulevardier and Americano (not the coffee). Classic as they come, all of the drinks are built with brands under the Campari umbrella, namely the Aperol, Cinzano Rosso and Wild Turkey (bourbon). With the Group on a widespread mission to further strengthen the classic Aperol’s stake in the local market, expect to see more of this pretty orange drink at your local bar!