2013: Two Guys' Wooden Bow Ties

In our January No Issue Issue, we featured 50 things that no man should be without this year—one of which are Wooden Bow Ties. Finally, a good reason for men to have hard wood so near our faces.

Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma, these bow ties are made from high quality exotic hard woods and the finest leathers and fabrics. These creative bow ties are something that any man who appreciates good artisan value and style should have. They will set you back at least RM168, but the craftsmanship involved makes these bowties a piece of carpentry art, and a pretty damn nifty stylish accessory. 

We got a chance to ask Adam T, one of the guys behind Two Guys' Bow Ties, a few questions about the company and their products. Such as:

ESQUIRE: How did you come up with the idea for wooden bow ties?
TWO GUYS: The wooden bow ties were a collaboration between myself and Tim P, the founders of Two Guys' Bow Ties. Both of us have always been drawn to pushing the envelope and creating unique wooden pieces. One day, Tim had the idea to make wooden bow ties; within a week we had made our first batch of our unique handcrafted bow ties. We specialise in making bow ties using old-school craftsmanship with a modern flair.

ESQ: Any plans for more wood products?
TG: We have plans for a lot of unique wooden products. Launching early this year are our Wooden Cuff Links that will be the perfect compliment to our Wooden Bow Ties.

ESQ: I’m sure a lot of men out there would worry that a wooden bow tie would be too clunky or heavy. How much would you say the average wooden bow tie weighs?
TG: The Wooden Bow Ties are actually very light. They weigh less than a standard tie, coming in at under one 28G.

ESQ: Which bow tie is currently your favourite?
TG: Adam’s favorite tie for relaxed outings is the Walter and for a more formal outing the Carl. Tim’s favorite tie is the Floyd (picture below).

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Words and interview by Julien Bernstein.

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