Michelle Lee: 'Football Overload' host

Our January "No Issue" issue's funny joke is from the host of the TV show Football Overload, Michelle Lee. She shares a host of football jokes with us, and we also visited her on set, resulting in many surprises.

Michelle's joke: 

Why do Englishmen make lousy lovers?
They’ll wait 90 minutes, then put it in twice at the last minute and think they’re the world’s best!

About the jokster:

Imagine talking football, watching football and mingling with the legends—then imagine getting paid for your efforts. Not everybody qualifies for such a dream job, but it helps if you’re attractive and possess curves that Sebastian Vettel would find challenging to navigate. “It’s very surreal,” says Michelle Lee, the newest host of Football Overload on Astro SuperSport. “I love watching football but I didn’t think that one day, I’d be doing a show about football.” Far from being the hired pretty face, Michelle became a Manchester United fanatic largely to spite her brother, a hardcore Chelsea fan. She may beg to differ, but she is your dream girl: loves steak (“every day, if possible”), plays futsal, backpacks and “is pretty vulgar, especially with boys around”. “But I do love shopping,” she adds, almost as an afterthought. And if you want to be a HAB (husband and boyfriend)? Know the difference between Ronaldo and Ronaldo, obviously. “If not... it’s a negative point. I wouldn’t say I’ll totally cut you out, but you’ll lose a lot of brownie points.”

We went over to visit her on the day of the crew shooting Football Overload, and this is what happened (and also, huge thanks to Astro for letting us in!):

Photograph shot by Eric Chow and produced by Blink Studio. Video by Natalie Chai, featuring "Old Skool Rocka" by Pop Shuvit. Top and shorts: adidas by Stella McCartney. 
Shoes: adidas Originals Jeremy Scott. Hair and make-up by Shawn Goh. Styling by Jason Lim. Art direction by Rebecca Chew. Words by Eugene Phua.

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