Esquire experience: Klipsch KMC3 speaker

Forget about that home entertainment centre. It's all about portability these days, which makes the Klipsch KMC3 Wireless Music System a great choice.

I’m a massive Jeff Buckley fan. Out, loud and proud about it. So the fact that I will never ever be able to see him live in concert has been a pretty sore point for the last 10 years of my life. There can be no substitute for witnessing great music being made right in front of you, but well, c’est la vie. Enter the Klipsch KMC3 speaker. Like I said—no substitute—but seeing as my necromancy skills exist only in Diablo 2, the speakers are a nice alternative.

What impresses is the incredible live sound, with well-separated instruments and a powerful, punchy bass. Mr Buckley’s tenor, while always sublime, sounds gorgeous as sound quality is easily maintained even cranked all the way up, making this the perfect speaker for fuelling a party. Portability and Bluetooth are a huge bonus (though it's not small enough to be entirely mobile), as the iPhone 5 has effectively rendered my existing media centre moot. Its availability in a variety of colour options—also blue, red and purple—and its simple, unobtrusive design means that it won’t look out of place in most settings.

If you’re on the prowl for a personal music system with both style and substance, then this is definitely something to go on your Christmas wish list. That, and a Legacy Edition of Jeff Buckley Live at Sin-é.

More specifications for the Klipsch KMC3 Wireless Music System here. Retails at RM1,399 at Harvey Norman, Epicentre, Machines and Macstudio.

Words by Jason Lim.

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