Rolex X Beetle Bailey and Popeye

Nothing compares to the classics. Sure, there are replacements, remakes and reissues. But the mythical magic of “first love” rings well and true when it comes to the original, the OG, the first. In this instance, three classic icons from two distinctly different worlds have converged to become a must-lust (can’t-have) pièce de résistance.

Bamford Watch Department––the well-known and well-loved watch personalisation company––have teamed up with fashion designer DRx Romanelli and King Features Syndicate to create an Army vs Navy series of Rolex watches. Representing the Army is everybody’s favourite lazy soldier, Beetle Bailey on a Rolex Submariner; while Popeye The Sailor adorns the dial of a Rolex Yachtmaster for the Navy. Each watch comes in an awe-inducing box, featuring the watch itself, a canvas strap, accessories and a custom comic strip. If you get the Submariner, Beetle Bailey sets out to get a gift for Miss Sheila Buxley; but if the Yachtmaster is more your thing, you’ll read about Popeye going on a treasure hunt.

Unfortunately, each watch will only be released in 20 pieces. As we publish this, the Bamford Popeye Yachtmaster Rolex is already sold out, despite its eye-watering USD32,390 price tag. If you move quickly enough, you might be able to pick up the Bamford Beetle Bailey Submariner Rolex for USD24,490.

Or you could instead purchase a can of spinach, take a nap, and then read the comics instead.

Words by Eugene Phua.

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