Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold

If burning rubber on an endless highway is your definition of what being a man is all about, then the recent collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari would be the watch to strap on when you need to man-up for the occasion.

The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold is a technological marvel, as gold is alloyed with other elements to make it as hard as diamond and absolutely scratchproof. The overall design of the watch is all Ferrari: the hour and minute hands are inspired by the counter, while the indices and the elongated pushers are reminiscent of the pedals.

The machine underneath has all of the brute force of a Ferrari V12 engine, courtesy of a UNICO in-house self-winding chronograph movement made up of 330 components, arranged along a column wheel with the aid of dual horizontal coupling. The Magic Gold is limited to 500 pieces.

Words by Leong Wong.

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