15 seconds of fame: fashion trends

In our February 15 Seconds of Fame Issue, we created a chart that looked back at the one-hit wonders that impacted all facets of society. We are going into greater detail here folks, and first up: 15-second fashion trends.

'60s: Tie-dyed shirts
Tie-dyed shirts: the embodiment of the hippie generation. The item of choice for the flower-power era, but it was only destined to last as long as the generation that wore this like a badge of honour. It did give everyone a cheap way to personalise their T-shirts, but it was about time before the next big thing came in and washed tie-dyed shirts away. If you are still interested in one, however, Topman might be able to help.

'70s: Bell bottoms
Bell bottoms were born in the '60s, but grew up in the '70s. Basically pants flared out at the bottom, some designs got so out of control that the bottoms were measured at up to 26 inches. It had a good run, but God forbid if it ever makes a comeback. Wait a minute...

'80s: Shoulder pads
Shoulder pads were widely worn in the '80s at the dawn of third-wave feminism. Women wanted to show their empowerment, and shoulder pads represented power. That was before women realised they didn't need extra padding on their shoulders to show their strength. Only confidence, and the password to their husband's smartphone.

'90s: Oversized baggy clothes
Oversized baggy clothes signed a treaty with the rise of hip-hop back in the '90s. Baggy shirts, pants, boxers; the baggier, the better. Throw on a cap backwards, put a boom box on your shoulders (or some really big headphones), and you’d have the '90s kid in a nutshell. In a sign of all things irony, oversized-anything has become taboo in this day and age of skinny jeans.

2000s: Bling-bling
Bling - a fancier word for jewellery - came a little later after baggy clothes. Popularised in the above song "Bling Bling" by B.G. in 1999, bling-bling could soon be found on the neck, arms, teeth, toothbrush. Gold, silver and diamond forms came soon after. No word on whether Ray-Ban enjoyed an increase in sales as people shielded their eyes from a new kind of shining.

Prediction: Studs
Studs are the current fashion statement. You can find studs incorporated into everything: clothes, shoes, iPhone cases. On one hand, it adds distinction when kept to a minimum. On the other... studded phones? So, enjoy it before it gets shoved into the box of shame, fashion edition. 

Words by Charmaine Wong. Illustrations by Chee Yang Ong.

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