Petronas Twin Towers

If our city's most famous twins could speak, what would they say? One thing's for sure: they have a sense of humour. Read more

Alex Yoong

With the Malaysian Grand Prix coming up at the end of the month, we talk to one-time Formula One driver Alex Yoong about his short-lived career, mortality, and what he's learnt in hindsight. Read more


Notorious sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee on whether they've really split up, how they feel about their time in the spotlight so far, and the state of love, sex and marriage today. Read more

Winnie Loo

Every socialite's favourite hairstylist on good hair, life's unexpected curveballs, and dealing with public controversy. Read more

Neil Strauss

You know him as the author of The Gameówhich, for some women, equates to ďdouche bagĒ. But whatever you think of him, Neil Strauss is more than his pick-up tricks. Read more

Cheeming Boey

The 35-year-old styrofoam-cup artist, better known simply as Boey, gets personal about his childhood, family ties, money, art, dreams and love. Read more

Sebastian Vettel

The 2013 Formula One season concluded yesterday, though the young German driver had already won his fourth world title in October at the Indian Grand Prix. A look back on our interview with him in 2011... Read more

Marion D'Cruz

Anyone who meets longtime dancer-choreographer Marion D'Cruz will tell you she's quite a character. And she had so much to say we couldn't fit everything into our magazine. Here are some verbal outtakes. Read more